Fast, Secure VPN service to UK and US 

Why? I was living abroad and unable to view an amazing library of online content that was restricted to UK-only. I'd seen it when I was back home and it blew my local content out of the water. I had US satellite, with hundreds of junk channels and just a few hours of watchable content per week.  I was really missing British drama and comedy. Sport with US commentary was wearing thin; when Rooney won a "throw-the-ball" I finally lost it and got to work to find the best solution. I wanted all that children's content for my kids and to secure/hide my browsing from the office or in a coffee shop. And I knew lots of US travellers who were having the same issues, so why not include them?

How? I tried several ways, some worked better than others. The simplest and best method was a VPN tunnel to servers in the UK. It was like the lights had suddenly come back on. It worked across the board for any content and the kids could set it up. Every ex-pat I showed it to wanted it, so I let them be guinea pigs while I worked out how to package it, scale it up and make it available as a product. Starting small and reinvesting everything back in meant that I could use economy of scale to make it cheap and could build in resilience and speed and reliability.
What? We can put you, virtually, in the UK or in the US - no matter where you are in the world. Then you view the whole web as if you were really there. It's the simplest solution, you just turn it on as needed. It uses the native client software already built in to your PC, Mac, phone or tablet. We send you an account and a simple (2 minute) one time set-up. We have enough experience to support people because we've already come across it all at this point. 
For PC, MacOSX, iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux

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UKiVPN is cheaper and offers full service


  • Fast enough to stream video *
  • Works for PC, Mac and Phone, Tablet
  • Surf anonymously
  • Get past your corporate firewall
  • Monthly or Annual accounts


  • Reliable and secure
  • Reach sites that block your IP
  • Protect your identity and your security
  • Simple set-up instructions
  • Change your IP address

We accept Credit Cards and Bank Trans

All secured via Amazon Checkout for your safety:

We've added more choice to allow you to select the exact service you need. 
1. Choose an Annual or Monthly Recurring Subscription.
2. Select the type of access you require: to UK, to US or to both, with or without a data limit.
    Additional options are below (Ireland, Skym etc...) 
3. Hit the SUBSCRIBE button directly under your prefered option.
4. Follow Amazon's secure checkout and use your Credit Card or Bank Transfer.
5. Amazon Payments allow you to pay with your current Amazon account or set one up easily
6. This keeps your credit card details safe and secure throughout
7. All prices in $ USD
8. The term for the accounts has been set to 10 years as a catch-all defaut,
    you can cancel any time you like and still use any remaining credit. 

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You will be billed automatically each year.
You may cancel at any time.

UK-only 5GB/month $80

US-only 5GB/month $80

US-only Unlimited $88

UK-only Unlimited $88

UK & US 10GB/month $88

UK & US Unlimited $95

You can decide to pay monthly rather than sign up for a year.
You will be billed automatically each month.
You may cancel at any time.

UK-only 5GB Limit $8

UK-only Unlimited $9

US-only 5GB Limit $8

US-only Unlimited $9

UK & US 10GB Limit $9

UK & US Unlimited $10


Get Access to Irish Content:

Click on the Irish flag to visit our sister site, EireProxy,

and learn how to connect to an Irish Server and reach RTE

on-line TV




Sky TV Access:

Online Access to Sky: Movies 1..4, Sports 1..6, etc.


Click for SkyGo Offer




Channel line-up subject to availability

Please read:

  1. The e-mail address you specify at sign up will be used, please ensure it is valid so that your account details can be sent to you. 
  2. New accounts can take 1 business day to set up - but we aim for less.
  3. Free e-mail addresses (e.g. hotmail, gmail, yahoo) require further verification and take longer to set-up.
  4. For faster turn-around time, use a business/academic e-mail address (or provide a land-line phone number)
  5. Subject to availability and IP restrictions, from time to time the lineup changes outside our control
  6. All data limits are per month.

Full terms and conditions available here:



No Questions Asked Full Refund if we are unnable to get you connected.


"You are now the cheapest on the net and it works perfectly. I tried one other, but they didn't match your service."

"The best VPN service I've tried. Video streams perfectly and set up was easy. I'm a happy ex-pat, thanks!"

"Thanks so much for your help getting set up. I'm not a computer whizz, but it was easy with your set-up guide"

"Excellent! Thanks, works really  nice and you've  been quite quick to set it up, not like some others."

"I was happy with it working on my PC, but watching the beeb on my iPhone is excellent. Will recommend."

 "Thank you very very much - you have made an expat well happy. It works exactly as described. After hours of fiddling with other solutions, this one works, is fast and does exactly what it says on the tin ! An A1 satisfied customer - I will recommmend you !"

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UK and US VPN Access for PC, MacOSX & iPhone. $8 per month. 

* Customers are responsible for aquiring all relevant licenses/permissions to watch subscription media