Fast, Secure VPN service to UK and US 
Why? To keep up with UK or US streaming content, including any paid subscriptions to on-line TV Services. Also to encrypt your traffic so you can safely access banking and other private content over public networks such as hotels and coffee shops. 
How? VPN makes your computer appear to be in the UK or US by connecting to any of our servers via a fast, encrypted connection. Set up via our step-by-step guide takes a couple of minutes.
What? We can put you, virtually, in the UK or in the US - no matter where you are in the world. Then you view the whole web as if you were really there. Fast enough to stream video without constant buffering. With first class support from our experts. It's the simplest solution, you just turn it on as needed.
We will never sell your data or details to advertisers, everything you send is always private and enctrypted to prevent networks sniffing the content. Not all VPNs will promise this. 
For PC, MacOSX, iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux

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UKiVPN is cheaper and offers full service


  • Fast enough to stream video *
  • Works for PC, Mac and Phone, Tablet
  • Surf anonymously
  • Get past your corporate firewall
  • Monthly or Annual accounts
  • We never sell your data


  • Reliable and secure
  • Reach sites that block your IP
  • Protect your identity and your security
  • Simple set-up instructions
  • Change your IP address
  • Expert support

We accept all majot Credit Cards

Secure Checkout for your safety:

We've added more choice to allow you to select the exact service you need. 
1. Choose an Annual or Monthly Recurring Subscription.
2. Select the type of access you require: a UK account to access UK content, a US account to access US content, with or without a data limit.
We also have TV packages for on-line access to Sky / NBC Sport etc. 
3. Hit the SUBSCRIBE button directly under your prefered option.
4. Follow the secure checkout and use your Credit Card or Bank Transfer.
5. Payment also allows you to pay with your current Pay-Pal account or set one up easily
6. This keeps your credit card details safe and secure throughout
7. All prices in $ USD 

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UK-only 5GB/month $80

US-only 5GB/month $80

US-only Unlimited $88

UK-only Unlimited $88

UK & US 10GB/month $88

UK & US Unlimited $95


UK-only 5GB Limit $8

UK-only Unlimited $9

US-only 5GB Limit $8

US-only Unlimited $9

UK & US 10GB Limit $9

UK & US Unlimited $10





Sports Packages: Sky Go or NBC Sports Extra:

Access The Prenier League on-line from anywhere. 


Click for SkyGo and NBC Sports Extra Offers




Channel line-up subject to availability

Please read:

  1. The e-mail address you specify at sign up will be used, please ensure it is valid so that your account details can be sent to you. 
  2. New accounts are set up same day
  3. For faster turn-around time, use a business/academic e-mail address (or provide a land-line phone number)
  4. Subject to availability and IP restrictions, from time to time the lineup changes outside our control
  5. All data limits are per month.

Full terms and conditions available here:



No Questions Asked Full Refund if we are unnable to get you connected.


"You are now the cheapest on the net and it works perfectly. I tried one other, but they didn't match your service."

"The best VPN service I've tried. Video streams perfectly and set up was easy. I'm a happy ex-pat, thanks!"

"Thanks so much for your help getting set up. I'm not a computer whizz, but it was easy with your set-up guide"

"Excellent! Thanks, works really  nice and you've  been quite quick to set it up, not like some others."

"I was happy with it working on my PC, but watching the beeb on my iPhone is excellent. Will recommend."

 "Thank you very very much - you have made an expat well happy. It works exactly as described. After hours of fiddling with other solutions, this one works, is fast and does exactly what it says on the tin ! An A1 satisfied customer - I will recommmend you !"

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UK and US VPN Access for PC, MacOSX & iPhone. $8 per month. 

* Customers are responsible for aquiring all relevant licenses/permissions to watch subscription media